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Did You Know?


By Recycling 1 ton of paper you save:
· 17 trees
· 6953 gallons of water
· 463 gallons of oil
· 587 pounds of air pollution
· 3.06 cubic yards of landfill space
· 4077 Kilowatt hours of energy

Source: Weyerhauser info


















Did You Know?


The paper Weyerhaeuser collects in a year would fill 135,000 rail cars, enough to create a train nearly 800 miles long.


Source: Weyerhaeuser

Services & Experience


  Public Outreach


Over 1200 waste reduction/ recycling (WR/R) and composting presentations delivered to schools, HOAs/Condo Associations /Neighborhood Associations, conferences and businesses throughout King County



On-site presentations for businesses, property managers and malls through City and County assistance programs




Event planning and implementation through City assistance programs




Development of educational materials including "tool kits", newsletters, websites, fliers, postcards and brochures




Property manager assistance (waste walk through, tenant outreach and events) through City assistance programs




Business assistance onsite (staff training, waste walk through, events) through City assistance programs to almost 3,000 businesses.




Information hotline operation and customer service for local City residential and business programs




Oil recycling education




Sustainable business recognition through awards and publicity



  Waste reduction and recycling lesson development for elementary, middle and high school students
  Social marketing programs for local Counties


Promotion of food compost collection programs for large scale programs and pilot programs



Water and energy conservation program outreach to students and businesses.


  Program Implementation 




School waste reduction and recycling programs (worked with 10 districts, almost 200 schools on regular recycling and over 100 on food recycling), including district wide competitions on waste reduction for two large local school districts.




Business waste reduction and recycling programs (worked with almost 3,000  businesses)




Property manager waste reduction and recycling programs




Mall waste reduction and recycling programs. (Six malls regionally)




On-site waste reduction and recycling (WR/R) practices evaluations for businesses, property managers and malls

  Food compost collection programs for

businesses (restaurants, malls, schools, hospitals, Microsoft campus, colleges, food banks, fast food restaurants, churches, condos, apartments, City Halls, espresso stands, office buildings)

festivals (Bumbershoot, Bite of Seattle, Issaquah Salmon Days, Uncorked, Derby Days)

events (employee picnics and breakfast events)

concerts (Marymoor Concert series of 13 concerts in 2007 for vendors and concert goers)

farmer's markets




Organized and coordinated Earth Smart Fair with approximately 500 attendees and 15 environmental booths.


  Reusable packaging pilot program





Washington State Recycling Association, 2015 Business Recycler of the Year- Youth Education

Recognition for City of Bellevue and Bellevue School District's Green Genius Zero Waste Cafeteria Challenge.




King County Best Workplace Recycler, 2012-current

Recognition for outstanding waste reduction and recycling practices






President, Sam Wilder:  Graduate of Penn State University with a degree in Environmental Resource Management, minor in education


Has completed both the introductory and advanced community based social marketing training sessions from Doug McKenzie-Mohr.


Has completed training to become a Building Performance/Home Energy Auditor through home energy auditing course (130 hours)


Certified by the Building Performance Institute, Building Analyst Professional Certification, 2009


Has Completed Level 1 and Level 2 Building Operator Certification from the Northwest Energy Efficiency Council


Has taken Cool School Challenge Training



 Publications & Press



Issaquah Press, 2011

Article on tIssaquah Rain Garden and composting project -consultant Wilder Environmental


Bellevue Reporter, 2009

Article on the King County Green Schools Program- work done with Bellevue schools by sub-consultant Wilder Environmental/Sam Wilder


Environmental Protection Agency, 2008

 EPA Article on Marymoor Park Concert Recycling and food composting- Prime consultant, Wilder Environmental


Department of Ecology, 2008

Article on Event Recycling- Success Story mention of Marymoor Concert project; Wilder Environmental the Prime consultant


King County ClassAct Newsletter, 2008

Work with Audubon Elementary Food Recycling



Morris, Stephen; The New Village Green,  New Society Publishers; 2007  available through  Article by Sam Wilder on page 213


Seattle Times, November, 2007

Article about Green Schools Program- WEC has been contracted since 2003.

Radio and Records, October, 2007


About food recycling at Marymoor Park.  Sam Wilder was the project manager for this and is shown in this article


City of Auburn Website, July, 2007

Work with Auburn School District


King County Website

Federal Way School District Success Story- Sam was the prime consultant working with this district.


Earth Heroes (King County Award for Schools)

Worked with the following schools through King County - which won Earth Heroes awards: Lake Washington High School, Maywood Middle School, Rose Hill Junior High, Explorer West, Juanita Elementary, Bellevue High School, Apollo Elementary, Sunny Hills Elementary, Bennett Elementary, Newport Heights, Sacajawea Middle School, International School, Enatai Elementary, Ilahee Middle School, Thoreau Elementary School, Newport High School

Sam Wilder with Lake Washington HS Earth Heroes winners and King County Executive, Ron Sims, 2007.


Biocycle Magazine, June 2006

Festival Food Recycling- cover and article; by Sam Wilder


King County eNewslink newsletter, 2006

Information on food recycling pilot program and interview


The Advocate Newsletter; Mt. Hood Community College, 2006

 Article that mentions Sam's work on food recycling for Seattle.





Washington State Recycling Association, 2014 WRED Event

Event Recycling


Washington State Recycling Association, 2011 Conference

Communication and Outreach Strategies for local governments to work with residents, businesses and schools.


Northwest Festivals Conference, 2011

Greening your event


Going Green Symposium by Complete Office, 2010

Greening the Workplace: Recycling, Waste Reduction, Buying Recycled, Reducing Energy and water consumption



Washington Association of Educational Office Professionals, 2010

Greening the Workplace



Washington State Recycling Association, 2008 Conference

Commercial Recycling & School Outreach Strategies



Washington State Recycling Association, 2006 Conference

Festival Food Recycling for City of Seattle on Bumbershoot and Bite of Seattle Food Recycling



Biocycle West Coast Conference, 2006

Commercial Compost Recruitment and Festival Recycling



Washington State Recycling Association, 2005 Conference

Social Marketing and Rural Recycling



EPA’s Wastewise , 2005

Presented “10 Steps for Success” on starting or improving an office recycling program



Seattle and King County BOMA workshop , 2004

Presented at “Make Recycling Work for You” on successful tenant recycling for property managers



Washington State Recycling Association, 2004 Conference

Presented at “Rural Recycling” Session to share implementation steps and results of the Island County Social Marketing program



Washington State Recycling Association, 2003 Conference

Presented at “Educate, Activate and Motivate” Session on mall and business recycling


Education Bill Signing by Governor Gary Locke, 2001




 Related Clubs and Volunteer Work


President of West Seattle Toastmasters Club 832 in 2003/2004 - received District President of the year award in 2004; Member since 2001.


Volunteer Earth Day presentations for organizations such as YWCA and Catholic Community Services tutoring organization


Biology Assessment Panelist for Lakeside School 2001, 2002; Judged student presentations on science projects and provided feedback


H.O.W.L Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, 1997; Assisted with wildlife rehabilitation; fed and cared for orphaned wildlife offspring.


Member, Washington State Recycling Association


Member, Environmental Education Association of Washington


Member, Nature Conservatory


Member, Sierra Club


Member, Northwest Energy Coalition


Member, World Wildlife Federation


Member, Hawk Watch International


Member, National Audubon Society


Member, Sightline Institute/ Northwest Environment Watch